Albert is a shelving piece designed to hold books, objets d’art, photographs… just about anything you want to place onto its four shelves.

Albert is illuminated by a wooden hand grasping a brass light surmounted by an ostrich egg, and by downlights beneath the top section. One of these illuminates the shelves, the other casts its light upon a deer skull suspended above a ritual mace.

Peer into the depths of Albert and you’ll see a curious street scene.

Albert is supplied complete with the ostrich lamp. The accessories shown in the main picture are to give an idea of how the shelves look when filled.


height: 1600 mm

width: 380 mm

depth: 760mm

What mystery is depicted in Albert’s secret scene? Is she dead, or just sleeping? What is the sinister purpose of the man with the stick?

The mace beneath the deer skull is a bizarre contraption constructed from brass and pewter. It originally held a hollowed-out coconut filled with stones.

This ornate knob operates Albert. A slight clockwork twist will bring all the lights to life.