Giacomo is a chair. You can sit on it. Really. You can’t say that about most works of art. Try sitting on a sculpture in your local art gallery and see how long you last.

Giacomo is remarkably comfortable, for a work of art.

Giacomo incorporates a shoe, a finial, a leather bandage, part of a round picture frame, and a drawer. You can keep whatever you like in the drawer. I use it to store a piece of the head of a bust of Puccini.


height: 870 mm

width: 590 mm

depth: 490 mm

Parts of Giacomo are held together with a leather bandage tied together with a leather thong. This is the spirit of Kintsugi: repairs should be visible, and celebrated.

This brogue shoe looks remarkably like the sort of shoe my father used to wear in the 1960s. That’s because it’s a shoe he wore in the 1960s. The shoe tree was one of his, as well.

The portion of the head of a bust of Giacomo Puccini is what gives this piece its name. The rest of the bust can be found in the object titled, unsurprisingly, Puccini.

What use is an armchair without arms? This one is from a child mannequin and dates from the mid 1970s.