Ksenia is a tall table made from a beautifully figured chunk of walnut burr, mounted atop an elegant pillar. It features a light fashioned from a hatched ostrich egg attached to an antique French brass base.

The lamp is activated by a foot switch built into the cable, which extrudes from a point half way down the stem.

Ksenia is named after Ksenia Erulevich, the talented Russian designer who created the splendid Alice font that is used throughout this website. You can see Ksenia’s Facebook page here.


height: 1290 mm

height of table: 960mm

width: 780 mm

depth: 390 mm

One of Ksenia’s four legs terminates in a leather boot. The laces leave the boot and wind through the leg itself.

The richly figured surface is augmented by jewelled studs, as well as a partly opaque figured inset.

From the side, you can see the exterior of the raw walnut bole in all its glory. The rough, natural surface of the tree from which it came contrasts with the polished upper surface of the table.