Ray takes its name from the acclaimed animator Ray Harryhausen, who entranced generations of movie-goers with his stop-motion sequences of fighting skeletons in films such as Jason and the Argonauts.

One of my skeletons has a bird’s head. Don’t ask me why.

There’s not much more I can say to explain what’s going on in this piece. If it resonates with you, then all to the good. I like its balance.


height: 940 mm

width: 330 mm

depth: 330 mm

Many people have asked me about the soft black material that forms the base beneath the skeletons. It’s composed of pieces of shredded car tyre retrieved the last time I had a puncture.

One of Ray’s three legs ends in a child’s leather shoe. Note how the laces continue up into the leg itself, linking the two elements together.

This is the key to the universe. Unfortunately it can no longer be used as it’s secured by a bolt to its bracket. Sorry about that.

I found this huge brass fly at a car boot sale. Its real function is as an ashtray. I have yet to comprehend why anyone would want to stub their cigarette out in a fly. Unless they’re sadists.