Siegfried is a low table incorporating a brass lamp that can be extended to almost double the height shown here.

The book that replaces two of the legs is a case that once contained bound copies of the French magazine Le Journal. By the time I found it in a junk shop in the Charente Maritime the pages had long ago been cut out and sold individually.

Mounted beneath the glass surface is one of the original marbled endpapers from the book.

The magic wand is stored in a brass bracket beneath the table, but may be removed for use. This is not the sort of magic wand you’ll see in the Harry Potter movies. That’s because those aren’t real magic wands.

The key in the keyhole on the spine of the book is a switch. It’s used to turn the lights on.

Through the window we can see an illuminated bust whose head has been replaced by a skull. This is a bust of Wagner, one of whose heroes gives his name to the object.

Much of the brasswork on the book is original, but there are several embellishments.


height: 1410 mm

width: 1200 mm

depth: 620 mm