Stourport is a much-travelled suitcase whose hinges have twice been replaced with leather straps. It has been around the country, as the faded Great Western Railway labels can attest. The only destination still visible is, of course,  Stourpourt.

Stourport has a new lease of life as a jewellery stand, complete with drawer, fur-lined compartment and mirror.

When closed, Stourport reveals its true nature as an article of greatly used luggage.


height: 1200 mm

width: 560 mm

depth: 580 mm

The suitcase is supported by an ornate bracket that once held candles in a French chateau.

Stourport is decorated with memento mori: a gold-circled globe, three wise men encased in test tubes, and a skeletal scientist.

A secret drawer glides open to reveal your items of especial value concealed within.

The lid bears witness to the countless travels that this heavily-used case has witnessed.