Tycho Brahe was a 16th century astronomer who made huge strides forward in accuracy and prediction, despite being the last of the great astronomers to work without a telescope. He believed, however, that the Sun orbited the Earth.

This model of the Earth has both lenses and stars let into it, through some of which you can see the mysterious goings-on within the planet. It comes with a generous 3m of electric cable, complete with a foot switch.

Tycho is served with a free bottle of Curieaux Sloe Gin, handmade from the finest Suffolk sloes. It is not available anywhere else.

The reading lamp is fixed on a pair of swivelling mounts so you can adjust it to best illuminate the table.

The table is supported by an antique leg that was once a boot stretcher. It is now more decoratively adorned.

Peer through the telescope and you will be rewarded with a secret view into the interior of the globe.

If you’d like to elevate your snifter, feel free to place it on this stand a few inches above the table surface.


height: 1590 mm

width: 640 mm

depth: 640 mm