Viktoria is a chair that’s surprisingly comfortable to sit on. The single padded arm can take a person leaning on it, while the padding around the top of the leg forms a barrier that stops you from falling off the side.

This piece is named after Viktoria Modesta, a uniquely one-legged model, whose 2012 single Only You led to her being proclaimed as the world’s first bionic pop artist.

Read more about Viktoria Modesta.

height: 870 mm

width: 590 mm

depth: 490 mm

The brass globe holds a battery-powered flickering candle. I have no idea what this delicate, filigree globe was intended to be used for.

This prosthetic leg dates from an era when such devices were fitted with leather, rather than synthetic, supports. Lacing it up must have been reminiscent of lacing a boot, which is ironic.

The foot component was originally a rather unappetising flesh colour. I stained it to look more like mahogany, and to match the arm.

In the spirit of Kintsugi, the join between the arm and the back of the chair has attention drawn to it through the use of a leather bandage, which echoes the lacing at the top of the leg.